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Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA kaufen
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA

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The darker side of ecstasy

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also called in certain circuits as MDMA, or just ecstasy, is in fact nothing pleasant. It is a substance made synthetically, at first it has been the one describes as ecstasy but nowadays this definition covers quite a large group of alike substances buy mdma.
Even though it was developed and created in 1912 by research laboratory of chemical company Merck, those time no one could buy MDMA since it was not marketed. At first the initial usage was meant for psychiatric counseling yet until now you cannot buy ecstasy for own therapeutic needs. Currently most of MDMA, or ecstasy are illicit and could be seen as oils produced somewhere in Europe. This substance targets central nervous system (or just CNS) acting as weak hallucinogenic stimulant.
Ecstasy’s molecular weight and formula are 193,2 and C11H15NO2.
MDMA is just an abbreviation, its formal name according to IUPAC will be N-methyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propan-2-amine, meanwhile there are few other chemical namse for this substance as methylenedioxy-methylamfetamine or N,α-dimethyl-3,4-methylenedioxyphenethylamine. This drug belongs to quite a big group of phenethylamines (ring-substituted) and has R & S enantiomeric forms.
Base of the ecstasy available to buy is usually water insoluble oil without colour, and it looks like pressed white powder wit known logo.
Being a ring-substituted drug MDMA leads to some euphoria, higher sensory awareness, also it cam have mild stimulating effects with a bit hallucinogenic features.
Another characteristics of ecstasy is all about socializing, it calls empatho- and entactogenic features.
Animal only studies have shown some neurotoxity with anatomical structural axons alterations ans great decrease of serotonin levels. Thus some type of cognitive dysfuntioning was suggested for the humans. Worth to note that toxic MDMA’s effects are quite different depending on certain enantiomer, yet illicit substance is usually quite a mixture. Although few lethal cases were registered its toxity depends on variety of factors like susceptibility of individuum.
Among for main precursor for producing ecstasy are piperonal, isosafrole, safrole and 3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone (or just PMK). The key starting material is of course safrole since others might be made from it. Initially as it described in patent in lab safrole was mixed with hydrobromic acid to get bromosafrole which in turn became MDMA with the help of methylamine.
For illicit producing Leucart route and reductive aminations are usually used, they also quite often include so called aluminium foil method, as a result it is racemic MDMA.
Users may buy ecstasy outdoor illegaly in the form of pills so usually it is taken orally; yet some buy MDMA as a powder which could be inhaled, injected or snorted.
Since MDMA is another amphetamine derivative quite a number of homologous drugs with shared effects are also put under the same definition, for example, methylenedioxyamphetamine (or just MDA), methylenedioxyethylamphetamine (or just MDEA), N-methyl-1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-butanamine (or just MBDB).
Yet they are not widely known and as much popular. As well currently, thanks to advance in chemical productions, there are few more synthetic forms of such compounds named XTC and Adam which are distant generics.
Those MDMA pills that could be bought over the illegal places consist in average of 60 to 70 g of base (MDMA itself) in the form of hydrochloride or phosphate salt. Alongside with active drug component pills also contain so called bulking agent, usually lactose and a bit of binding compounds.
For the past few years some content changes have been noted in the European countries: from almost pure ecstasy alike psychoactive substance to diverse forms with less MDMA alike compounds in it.

MDMA are usually young adults from 15 up to 34-35 years old, in Europe the share of such users is around 5-6%, although it has variations among countries. Historically this illicit substance was tied to the disco and electronic music with its unique bits.
Since the MDMA is mostly used in illicit and vice activities, then the only place people might buy ecstasy is somewhere on the streets, which of course is illegal and against the law. But due to its popularity among users and advanced technologies the street price has fallen and now it costs not that much which makes situation worse.

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Currently available:

Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA kaufen
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA

Apple – 255mg
Euro – 276mg
Butterfly – 281mg

- 10 mixed pills – 50EUR;
- 20 mixed pills – 85EUR;
- 50 mixed pills – 160EUR;
- 100 mixed pills – 250EUR.

Powder MDMA:

- 1/8 oz – 80EUR;
- 1/4 oz – 130EUR;
- 1/2 oz – 220EUR.

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Facts of MDMA, Ecstasy, or Molly

All three names, MDMA, Ecstasy, and Molly are referring to one drug. MDMA is an abbreviation of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (buy ecstasy), a drug in amphetamine class. MDMA is generic name of the medicine while ecstasy and molly are the street name for medicines containing MDMA. Ecstasy is the most popular drug containing MDMA that considered impure because the drug commonly contains addition of other chemicals such as dextromethorphan and caffeine while molly commonly referring to MDMA drug in high level of purity. Ecstasy commonly comes in the form of tablet or pill while molly is commonly powder or crystalline.

Ecstasy is very popular in clubbing world due to its effect to create euphoria, reduce anxiety, and increase the sense of intimacy between people, just like the name. Some people also call the pills as lover speed or love drug. For many people, ecstasy could help them to enjoy the party in the fullest and make them forget all problems. People also believe that ecstasy is not so addictive so taking ecstasy is safer than taking heroin. As a club drug, ecstasy pills are usually available in many clubs since most clubbers feel that enjoying the club will never complete without ecstasy. Therefore, people who want to have ecstasy commonly come to club or bar to buy ecstasy.

Besides the use of ecstasy pills for recreational use in party, MDMA drug is also used by spiritual practitioners to enhance their meditation. In medical world, MDMA is used by some therapist in psychotherapy to treat mild psychiatric disorders. Some therapists also use MDMA to reduce pain in cancer patient. In science world, many scientists use MDMA in their research to find more effects from the drug.

However, although MDMA has many usages, MDMA is mostly illegal in many countries all around the world. The reason is obvious. MDMA in any form is addictive and could create health problem that lead to death. Although many people say MDMA is not as addictive as heroin, many people could not stop to use MDMA and experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking MDMA suddenly. The effects of the drug could be acute such as disorientation, agitation, hallucinations, nausea, blur vision, sweating, muscle tension, hypertension, angina, loss of consciousness, tachycardia, cardiac arrest, renal failure, and coma. Sometime the effects, especially the psychological effects could last long for days. High dose of MDMA could create dangerous effects. MDMA could reduce body ability to control body temperature that resulting overheating. When body temperature is too high, many organs, especially kidney will fail to work and people could die because of it.

In general, manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and use of MDMA in any form are criminal offences all across the world, although some countries may exclude research and medical use of the drug. To buy MDMA, people need license and the usage would be under strict supervision. Ecstasy pills and molly that available in the market are illegal drugs and everybody who involve in the manufacture, supply, and usage will face criminal prosecution. Yet, due to popularity of the medicines, it is very hard for law enforcement to stop the supply.

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Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA kaufen
Online-shop where you can buy ecstasy pills and pure MDMA

Apple – 255mg
Euro – 276mg
Butterfly – 281mg

- 10 mixed pills – 50EUR;
- 20 mixed pills – 85EUR;
- 50 mixed pills – 160EUR;
- 100 mixed pills – 250EUR.

Powder MDMA:

- 1/7 oz – 80EUR;
- 1/4 oz – 130EUR;
- 1/2 oz – 220EUR.

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The Effects of E on Brain

n the field of psychotropic and illegal drugs, there’s a lot of terminology connects with it, including drug dealers, amphetamine, heroin, and MDMA. The latter have its popular name, that is, ecstasy. MDMA is an abbreviation ofmethylenedioxymethamphetamine, which was firstly intended for medical use. So within their “dark side”, ecstasy is not drugs that we might have recently known. Take an example like in the ‘60s when ecstasy was used by psychoanalyst. At that time, ecstasy used to treat people who were suffered by post-traumatic stress disorder. In general, MDMA has been popular drugs for decades, for it comes with certain effects on emotional side. After ‘60s, MDMA became popular, especially for those who often involves on the rave scene. It triggered energy boost and risen feelings of euphoria amongst its users. In the ‘90s, MDMA had become dangerous because it publicized that way. Within popular discourse, lots said that MDMA can case overheating and severe dehydration, which later makes its user meet with death. Some evidences also pose a risk when it mixed with paracetamol and aspirin. Some people might take an ecstasy without experiencing side effects, but it still gives long-term implications that would emerge in the future buy mdma.

Buy MDMA outside medical purpose is thing that we will not suggest. In general, MDMA causes problems for the brain, especially when a person used it in regular scheme. Hugh levels of neurotransmitters alter the emotional state, triggering feelings of euphoria. After long use, your brain will begin to look for ways to fight the abnormal levels of the neurotransmitter. This is done by cutting the number of lanes available for the neurotransmitter to enter nerve cells. If the abuse of buy mdma continues then the nervous system responsible for producing essential chemicals will die. So you had better not playing with MDMA or any other drugs that are purposed for recreational. There are several drugs outside of MDMA which also serves to provide relaxation/recreational feeling (i.e. pain killer, sleeping pills), and you can use them all safely. Even so, you need to follow all usage instructions and stick with it, should not be excessive.

If a person buy ecstasy and then consume it regularly, his behavior changes and damages are waiting as well. In someone’s brain, there are usually low levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are essential, for their influence on mood and thus helping brain function properly. However, ecstasy make all things worst for it has an array of side effects including an inability to concentrate, depression, and confusion. Working memories, as well as spatial and visual skills appears as advanced side effects, particularly when changes on the brain became significant. In the end, there is no such thing as “be a great person by consuming ecstasy”. It does not work that way. Once again, it is not about consuming a specific drug for recreational use. Just “consume” such a drug is not dangerous buy mdma, but it will absolutely change the brain if that consumption act turns out to be habits. You had better aware of implications that will be experienced in the future.

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Ecstasy is a dangerous drug. It can cause hyperthermia, or overheating. This can lead to severe dehydration, which can damage your kidneys and cardiovascular system and lead to death. On the other hand, people who use Ecstasy often experience intense thirst. Drinking too much water can cause dilutional hypothermia, where your brain swells from excess fluid intake, and you fall into a coma. Ecstasy can also cause seizures, and can damage your nervous tissue and nerves, which may cause long-term damage to your memory. The effects of ecstasy can last from one to several days after taking the drug. You may experience insomnia, depression, anxiety, paranoia, fatigue or difficulty concentrating.

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Problem: The problem of MDMA is that it is currently a popular date rape drug or also
known as a “club drug” used in every club, rave, or dance parties all over the world
today. The reason why this drug is so popular and is causing problems is because this pill
gives anyone who takes it the chance to feel comfort with themselves as well as people
around them. It allows the user create and feel strong feelings for others that they have
never felt or experienced before. Another problem is that this drug is particularly easy to
purchase and costs about 10- 25. The most expensive pill can cost up to 50.

Internationally this is also a problem because it is illegal in the United States and
in several other countries.

Because this drug is so popular internationally it always seems to be running out
therefore, is causing another huge problem, which is allowing other people to sell
and purchase drugs like MDMA , such as caffeine pills and amphetamines.
Symptoms and Other Facts

MDMA is also known as Ecstasy. The abbreviation stands for

Street names are called: ADAM, XTC, beans, hug, and the love drug.

It is taken orally in a pill form (white or yellow tablets) and can be snorted but
rarely is.

This kind of drug is known as a date rape drug, which is made of synthetic

It is a psychoactive drug and is related in conjunction with methamphetamine and
other hallucinogens.

MDMA takes about 30-60 minutes for the effects to kick in.

It can be deadly and cause severe health problems.

MDMA interferes with your brain and makes you forget certain memory tasks.

It causes confusion, sleep problems, drug cravings, and anxiety, which can occur
for several weeks after taking this drug

MDMA also interferes with the serotonin in your body, which changes your mood
and sexual activity and even sleep. You have increased confidence and can even

The symptoms last usually for three to six hours, but at the most it takes up to two
days or even a week for it to completely leave your system.

This drug is severely addictive and can cause psychological problems.

Body temperature cannot be regulated if you take this drug, which can result in
the person having hypothermia. This leads to even bigger problems. The kidney,
liver, and heart, for example, all can shut down or have some sort of severe failure
either right away or in the long run.

If people take this specific drug, their heart will start to race immediately. They
tend to grind their teeth and have severe vomiting accompanied by the chills and

Long-term damage can occur to the person’s brain as well. It can ruin their
judgment and thinking.

When MDMA is taken with alcohol, people lose control of their body completely
and they become unaware of their surroundings, judgment, and hearing. MDMA
is believed to be the cause of many sexual assaults in the world today

According to Healthy People of 2010, MDMA or Ecstasy is a huge problem
because when it is taken the user has no idea what is going on around them. It
gives people a boost of physical energy and a different sense of perception.

The objective of Healthy People 2010 is to help people reduce and get rid of their
abuse of the drug and improve their way of life.

To help prevent the use of MDMA Healthy People 2010 works with peer leaders
to help and teach people who take this drug the harmful side effects of it and what
it does to one’s body.

Drug prevention programs at high school and colleges are also being started to
help try and reduce the use of this drug all over the world today.

Healthy People 2010 paired up with NIDA (The National Institute on Drug
Abuse) to research and fix this problem. They have studied the controlled effects
it has on humans, but it is impossible to understand the function that it has with
the brain

They have also been studying animals to see what effects it has on them, and then
relate it to humans.

MDMA is a leading indicator because it can eventually lead to substance abuse.
(Objectives: 26-10a, 26-10c & 26-11c)

State and local health agencies try for 30 days to reduce the number of adults and
teens using the drug. They send substance abuse surveys nationally to households
and ask them several different questions about their past experiences of illicit drug
use and go from there to help them cope with their problems.

It is also a focus area because state and local health agencies try to prevent this
illegal substance abuse.
Epidemiology Picture of the Problem

According to ONDCP statistics, MDMA affects the adolescent population (ages
18-25). Statistics show that MDMA affected 5.8% of adolescents using this drug
in the past year.

“Children, Youth and Young Women’s Health Services” states that MDMA was
first used in 1914 as a drug to help reduce a person’s appetite.

Also, during the 1980s, MDMA was becoming a recreational drug, which
eventually spread worldwide, and became popular with the dance culture.

In a 2002 survey conducted by the CDC, 676,000 people had used MDMA during
the month before they were surveyed.

A survey called “Monitoring the Future Study” reported that12.7% of college
students and 14.6% of young adults have admitted to using MDMA at least once.

Statistics show that the use of MDMA is currently still the same. There was no
increase or decrease. In 1996, the percent of adolescents using MDMA was at
about 4.6% and when the survey last taken, 4.5% of teens reported using MDMA.

According to the CDC, 8.2% of those over the age of 12 have used an illicit drug
such as MDMA.

MDMA is commonly found in specific places called Pulse Check sites. What this
means is that MDMA is usually available in these specific spots and is considered
drug abuse. Some of these areas include Miami, Detroit, New Orleans, New York
City, Portland, and Maine.

It is typically used in areas such as raves and nightclubs, which basically means it

Buy ecstacy – our days

Because teenagers feel that ecstasy can “enhance” the party or club experience, it is a popular drug, with 2.1 million people over the age of 12 using MDMA per year. Some of the effects of ecstasy that make it so popular include:

Increased physical energy and buoyancy.
Emotional warmth and feelings of expansiveness toward those around you.
Increased sensory perception: Touch, sound and sight.
Mental stimulation and quick thoughts.

These positive effects wear off after a while, though, and while under the influence of MDMA, judgment is affected by the positive feelings happening. This can lead to unprotected sex, and other difficult consequences.

In addition to the effects of being high, ecstasy also offers a number of other effects that are less than pleasant. Health effects of MDMA include:

Muscle cramping.
Blurred vision.
Teeth clenching.
Higher blood pressure.
Racing heart.
Memory impairment with regular use.
Rash with long term use.
Dependence on MDMA.
Withdrawal symptoms if you stop using after a period of regular use.

Used a lot over time, ecstasy can be habit forming, but many teenagers only use MDMA casually. However, that should not be taken to mean that the drug is safe. It is possible to overdose on ecstasy and encounter life threatening situations. Also, in some cases ecstasy can interfere with the way your body regulates temperature, and the results can include over-heating or hypothermia, leading to a potential fatal situation.